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KeyPoint Exam Prep came out of Adversity, Advantages, and Adaptation.
Adversity: I have multiple learning disabilities including Dyspraxia, ADHD (PIP type), mild Bipolar Disorder, and General Anxiety Disorder. A severe Developmental Coordination Disorder extremely limits my reading fluency and speed of written output (4 th percentile in persons of my age). I often come away from a lecture and instructional setting under informed and directionally confused because of severely limited Working Memory (9th percentile in persons of my age). Irrespective of these “disabilities” I graduated from college with Summa Cum Laude and earned two Masters’ degrees with respectable GPA while self-accommodating. Although I received testing accommodation in law school because of my learning disabilities, I could only finish on average only 75-80% of my law school examinations while maintaining and graduated with a respectable GPA.
Advantage: Out of sheer necessity I turned my “disadvantages” into Advantage. I learned unconventional ways of learning; a methodology comprised of the following tasks: gathering, organizing, processing, and communicating “what” information I learned.

Similarly, I devised, designed, and developed an unconventional yet efficient, effective method to prepare to pass the Massachusetts Bar Examination at first attempt while ANSWERING ONLY 180/200 MBE questions and 8/10 essays. CONVENTIONAL Bar prep approach would not work for me for a simple reason – ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL! My method worked for me and other candidates that used it. Let me work with you through this method!

Adaptation: In David and Goliath, Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants, Malcolm Gladwell lays out the necessity of finding a different way of facing giants and out-sized problems. Preparing and passing the Bar Exam, and in fact any examination, is an overwhelming and a daunting giant for most people. KeyPoint program is an Adaptation of my method flexibly tailored to give ANY candidate an effective and efficient approach to preparing and passing MBE/MPRE examination with minimal stress and anxiety. In KeyPoint program, I have adapted a simplified, direct, unconventional approach to examinations.
In KeyPoint I deployed my TEN years of classroom teaching and curriculum development experience to work for ANY student. In KeyPoint, I discovered the STRENGTH of MBE/MPRE and I turned that into a weakness that ANY Bar applicant can apply to prepare and confidently achieve any state’s required scores. At KeyPoint, we SHOW you that single strength of MBE/MPRE questions and HOW to take advantage of it.